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Clear Water Doesn’t Always Mean Clean

Two weeks ago while doing household visits with Wahab in Kpanayili, we entered the compound of a family that had a full safe storage container of clean looking water. We were delighted. “De viele, de viele” or “good, good”, Wahab … Continue reading

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This week in pictures

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2011 Winter Fellowship Program: The Impact

If you have been reading our “voices from the field” series, than you have gotten a small glimpse of the everyday work that our 2011 Winter Fellows completed during their time here in Ghana. You’ve seen how they built polytank … Continue reading

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Voices from the field: Team 5!

Tyte Tyte Tyte: The Adventures of Team 5 in Zanzugu Our day in Zanzugu began with twenty dust-covered kids piling into the back of the jeep to help bring bags of cement and concrete blocks to the dugout for the … Continue reading

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Session 2: Days 3 and 4

The Session 2 fellows started off their third day in Tamale with a great presentation by Foster Soley from unicef, who spoke about the work his organization is doing both here in Ghana and around the world. Foster is a … Continue reading

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Days 5 through 11: Village Implementations!!

For the next week or so, the teams all went off to implement what they had spent the last week learning.  They met with their chiefs and elders, built and assembled their treatment centers, trained the village women to run … Continue reading

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