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Metal Polytank Stand Highs and Lows

The metal polytank stand CWS entrepreneurs are now using in a number of communities. The stand allows for the water treatment centers to be moved to different water sources.  Back in June, I wrote a blog post about metal polytank … Continue reading

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The Seasons They are a-Changin’

First week back in Tamale and Hamatan is in full swing! Hamatan is when a dry-dust wind blows in from the Sahara. This happens from late November until mid-March all over West Africa. This Saharan wind engulfs the city of … Continue reading

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To Be a Woman is Not Easy

When I was grocery shopping in Tamale a few weeks ago, I came across a woman selling bread at a food stand with a banner written across the top that read, “To be a woman is not easy”. Almost all … Continue reading

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Back to Tamale and it feels so good!

After two weeks of training and saying farewell to some pretty awesome fellows, I have officially started as Ghana Country Director. It feels so good to be back with CWS! With the 6 newly implemented villages, CWS now has 38 … Continue reading

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Updates from the Field: Rainy Season Has Begun!

The rainy season has begun here in Northern Ghana! This means a lot of things for village life: Farming! Villager’s days, (storms permitting), are comparatively busier than during the dry season. Shea Butter! Shea nuts were collected and dried before … Continue reading

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Updates from the Field: Kpalbusi, Tacpuli and a New CWS Web Tool!

This week, CWS staff had the chance to spend some quality time in villages new and old. In Kpalbusi, we checked in on the village’s Fulani community. The Fulani are a group of people with a really different lifestyle than … Continue reading

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Voices from the Field: The Salaminga Snails!

Hey there from the Salaminga Snails! You might be wondering how we got our name. Salaninga is the local word for “foreigner/white person” and then snails because we make everyone look so slow! Our trip to Ghana has been great … Continue reading

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