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Season Changeover Stimulates Water Business Sales

The rains “are finished” as Ghanaians would say, which means CWS water treatment centers are back in business! In the rainy season, which lasts from June- October in the Northern Region of Ghana, CWS communities collect rainwater. Rainwater is plentifully … Continue reading

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The CWS Field Staff Goes Back to School Part II

At the beginning of October, CWS field staff, Shak and Amin, brought their knowledge about water and sanitation to a primary school in the village of Kpalung. Their presentation was similar in content to the presentation that Wahab and Peter … Continue reading

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The CWS Staff Goes Back to School

In September, CWS field staffers decided to bring their knowledge about water, sanitation and waterborne disease to the classroom. The CWS field staff team, which includes Peter, Shak, Wahab, Amin and me, Brianan, (you can read our bios here) met … Continue reading

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Ramadan: Fasting All Day Means Every Drop of Clean Water Counts

Today marks the 14th day of Ramadan. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar where Muslims fast from dawn until sunset, going without food or water for 30 days. The only people who do not fast are nursing … Continue reading

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Updates from the Field: Moto Mania!

Tamale sure seems quiet without the 30+ 2012 Winter Fellows, assistant translators and CWS support staff! We miss their daily stories of village life, center construction, and transportation mayhem. Their communities certainly miss them too. I’ve never seen so many … Continue reading

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Checking up on Chanaayili, Gidanturu and Kpallabusi

On Monday, I headed out with Wahab and Peter to celebrate my birthday in the field! We checked-up on Chanaayili, Gidanturu, and Kpallabusi. Besides some fallen signboards, all three villages were doing well and have been consistently selling water each … Continue reading

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What We’ve Been Upto

The past couple weeks have been devoted to monitoring, updating my monitoring files (pretty much as fun as it sounds…), preparing for the rainy season, and  getting ready for our awesome Fellows who arrive on June 7th! Its hard to … Continue reading

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Monitoring in Gidanturu

This week we spent some time monitoring in Gidanturu. Its always so fun to see people using their safe storage containers in their homes. We were very excited about our monitoring results and are so proud of Birami and Mariam, … Continue reading

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Opening Day in Gidanturu

Its only Tuesday, but our team has been so busy this week it feels like it should be Friday! We spent Sunday and Monday passing out safe storage containers to every family in Gidanturu, and training Mariam and Bariami (sp?), … Continue reading

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Hard at work at village number SIX!

I am excited to announce that we have started setting up our SIXTH water business in the village of Gidanturu! This water business is sponsored by Colleen and Jeff Clopeck, who have been incredible CWS supporters over the past 1.5 … Continue reading

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