2014 Winter Fellows bring clean drinking water to 2,608 people!!!

It was just 2 weeks ago to the day that our 2014 Winter fellows were headed into their communities to say their last goodbye! The office life is now a lot quieter without them busting in to fill us in on their exciting days out in the field! Whether it was laughs about a taxi driver attempting to pump up his flat tire with a bike pump, an awesome day in the schools teaching kids about the importance of drinking clean water, a thrilling soccer game played amongst two neighboring villages or the fellows explaining the eagerness of their communities to taste the clean water for the very first time! Your enthusiasm and passion will continue on within CWS and in the communities that you worked in!

We had such a blast with all of you and can not think of a better way to ring in the new year than to bring clean drinking water to more than 2,608 people!! You should be so proud of what you accomplished. We thank you for your hard work and dedication and wish you the best in your life adventures! You most definitely will be missed by all of us!

Many Cheers,

The CWS Team


Alex, Sara, Thalia, TJ & Emily in Kuldanayili/Yapalsi


Bryan, Jazmin, Shak & Meaghan in Dundo


Kallie, Brittany, MJ, Danielle & Nestor in Gurumanchayili


Jimmy, Serena, Amin, Caroline & Miriam in Namdu


Rachael, Anna, Wahab, Jenna & Bimala in Chandanyili

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