Two Week Fall Fellowship Program

When I talk about the CWS Fellowship, its always so exciting to see how many people are interested in the program! Whether it’s talking to my mom who wants to know what it is I am actually doing in Ghana, my brother who is dying to come experience the work first-hand, my cousins in college who are looking for more experience abroad, my aunts who just think traveling to Ghana would be awesome, my friends who are sick of their 9-5 jobs or even the guy I sat next to on the train the other day who was bored of his desk job and looking to go and make some sort of difference. One thing I have noticed in many of these conversations about the Fellowship Program, is that many people wished the trip was two weeks (as opposed to the three and half week program in place). I totally get it, life is busy: work, kids, family, commitments – its hard to drop everything and come to Ghana, even if you really want to!

Well, CWS has listened! This Fall for the first time we will be offering a two week fellowship program!

How are we able to cut the program down to two weeks?

  • We cut out the bus travel. Everyone will fly into Accra, and then fly up to Tamale! The flights are much more expensive than the bus which is why the cost ($2,950) of the program will not differ from the longer Fellowships.
  • We will do orientation here in the States! We will have webinars to go over the Orientation portion of the program.
  • You will be put in to your teams prior to arrival in Ghana.

The program will take place from Oct.12th to Oct.26th and applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Apply today, hear back from us by the end of the week, coordinate your plans and start fundraising! The earlier you apply the more time you will have to fundraise!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me, Sam at

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