Easter in Tamale!

Easter started out early with a visit to Kurugu Vohoyili! The fellows were off on their own and excited to practice their Dugbani while getting to see the action at a water treatment center! It was a busy morning at the center, which is always exciting to see! After tallying up sold buckets the fellows proceeded to go around household to household. In their household visits they asked when they last filled at the treatment center, took a sample of the water to test back at the lab and were able to just have conversations with people about how they like the center and the taste of the water. All the households they visited were properly using their safe storage container and providing safe drinking water to their families! A successful day in Kurugu Vohoyili!

After a long day in the field, Rich relaxes for a little in the awesome hammock that he brought (summer fellows- maybe you should add this to your packing list!)

That night the fellows, Sam and Kathryn were off to CWS favorite Swad to celebrate Easter with a family dinner! Today is another exciting day for the fellows where they will be approaching their new village for the very first time! Stay posted for what the day brings!

The 2012 Summer Fellows with Sam and CWS Ghana Country Director, Kathryn, enjoying East Dinner at Swad

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