The 2012 Winter Fellows!

CWS is very excited to announce the newest members of our team, the 2012 Winter Fellows:

Alex Browmwell
Anthony Kuzma
Ashley Williams
Asia Stuerznickel
Boyd Stith
Brenna Saucier
Brianan Kiernan
Brittany Bieber
Caitlin Mitchell
David Massey
Emma Suojanen
Hannah Staiger
Janelle Pelli
Janelle Tensley
Janna San Juan
Jasdeep Singh
Katie Hites
Kelly Petterson
Kristen Felicione
Larissa Ruckl
Laura Simmons-Stern
Lindsey Dukes
Luke Lavin
Mark Hrdy
Matt Gilstrap
Melissa Allardyce
Michelle Butler
Nathan Jones
Patricia Welling
Peter Massoud
Sarah Curzon
Sarah Jordan
Tim Bernica
Walter Bromwell
Whitney Millegan
Zander Rounds

This January, this amazing group of students and young professionals will be traveling to Ghana to implement 9 (yes, 9!) new CWS water businesses in rural villages. We are thrilled to have these 36 new Fellows join our team!

But thats not all….

Due to the overwhelming amount of interest in the Fellowship Program, CWS has decided to offer a THIRD Fellowship Session this spring! This session will take place in Tamale, Ghana from April 2nd – 23rd. Applications are available now and are due on December 12th at 5pm EST. Apply now and join us as we work eradicate the need for safe drinking water in Ghana!

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