Help us get $50,000 towards a new website!

This morning we found out that we made it to the finals for a chance to win $50,000 towards a new website. Jackrabbit’s Carrots for A Cause Competition is going to give this prize to the non-profit with the most votes.

Top 5 Reasons the CWS website needs a face lift:

  1. We want you, our supporters, to see the amazing effect you are having in Ghana.
  2. We want to inspire people to get involved in our work.
  3. We want every dollar raised to go towards bringing clean drinking water to more people, not a website.
  4. We have a ton of amazing pictures that need to be used to better showcase our work.
  5. We need a website that shows, not only how awesome the work CWS does, but also how amazing all the fellows are behind the work that we do.

Now let’s make it happen!

 Vote once every day from now until Friday!

Set your calendars and reminders!

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