Updates From the Field: Shak Reflects (and Kathryn Photographs)

Today we have a very special blog post, written by our wonderful Assistant Project Manager, Shak! Here’s what Shak has to say about the past couple of weeks in the field:


Frequent visits are really helping a lot in the communities.

Wahab labels rainwater collection bins in Gbung

TJ tightens a tap in Kpalung

And I am happy everyone is liking our system.

At least, almost everyone is happy! Gidanturu's chief holds a baby who is scared by the Salaminga.

People [keep] telling us how they are having good changes in health as compared to the past.

A container at Ibrahim yili, Kpalbusi

Sanatu poses with her Guinea Worm filter in Kpalung

And I am happy with our team and our management in the office.

Wahab checks the polytank at Tacpuli

Sana poses with her son. She sends her greetings to Kushini's fellows!

We work according to the moto.

TJ heads out of Kushini

-Shakun Ibrahim, CWS Assistant Project Manager

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