Fellowship Information Session Tour Kickoff at UMD

I kicked off the Fellowship Information Session tour at University of Maryland yesterday. Despite it being my first information session, I kept my nerves in check and had so much fun! I was able to be a part of the first day of class for Professor Coke Farmer’s Global Health class of FRESHmen. And it went great! They thought it was going to be a normal syllabus first day of class and in I cam trying to get them to step out of their comfort zone and come to Ghana—meanwhile they haven’t even gotten comfortable at school! I think it was quite the surprise for them!

The students had been assigned to watch the National Academies a “Running Dry: Call to Action” before class and so, they had a good base-level of knowledge about the global water crisis. After I presented we opened up the floor for questions and they came pouring in. I must have at least 30 questions—the students were completely engaged and I loved it. I am really looking forward to some UMD fellowship applicants!

Talking to the UMD students got me really pumped about all the information sessions to come! Next stop —ATL to meet some Georgia Tech students and I can’t wait!

Below is the National Academies “Running Dry: A Call to Action” that Professor Coke Farmer shared with me. Definitely worth a watch!


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