Staff Profile: TJ

This week was a big week for celebrations here at CWS. Reports are in that the benefit in Boston was a great success and an amazing evening in general. All of us here in Tamale wish we could have attended and are really thankful for all the generosity and support from the ever-growing circle of CWS friends and family.

We also had a fun “Graduation Goat Roast” to celebrate field staffer TJ’s recent degree in Management Studies here at the CWS Ghana office. In the spirit of honoring TJ’s big accomplishment, I though I’d continue my updates from the field with another staff profile, and, without further ado:

Mr. Sulemana Tijani

Sulemana Tijani (or ‘TJ’ to us clumsy-tonged salamingas) was born in Tamale and has lived here all his life. He has two sisters. He just earned a business degree in Management Studies from Tamale Polytechnic, and he hopes to bring these newly-certified skills with him to the job.

Some fun facts about TJ:

Favorite Hairstyle: “sakura – removing every hair from your head”. Yes, he is currently bald.

He has one ear pierced. He got it done in senior high “because I was a star and wanted to look like one”. TJ’s mother and mine share similar views on secret ear-piercings, however, so he doesn’t wear it much anymore.

In junior and senior high TJ played soccer/football for his school. His position was striker, and his all-star inspiration is Lionel Messi (Barcelona) and Dede Ayew (Ghana Black Stars and Marseille). He scored 22 goals in his career.

Favorite Singer: Akon

Favorite Food: Banku and hot Pepe

Favorite TV show: “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”

If he was an animal, he says he would be a cow.

Favorite Color: Black

TJ is also a recent Facebook convert, so if you would like to keep in touch “Friend” him there!

– Kathryn

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