Staff Profile: Wahab

Unfortunately, we faced some unexpected setbacks this week. Don’t panic! The villages continue to do great work. It was our transportation, the weather and sometimes even our own bodies that didn’t seem to be cooperating. All are par for the course though, as those of you who have spent any time here can attest.

The silver lining to these (sometimes literally) cloudy days was my chance to spent quality time with CWS’ field staff, who can handle just about any problem fate throws their way. This morning I found myself sitting in a compound chatting with Wahab, and we decided that this week’s update from the field would be devoted to this most elusive of staffers. Don’t let his initial shyness deter you! Wahab kept me laughing all morning, and is a demon on the moto. For more about our always trendy translator, read on:

Mr. Abdul Wahab Lawal

Wahab was born and raised in Tamale and has lived in the same house all his life. He is the baby of the family, with two older brothers and three older sisters. His favorite place to visit is Accra – his sister lives near the beach and he goes every Sunday he is in town. He joined the CWS team in October 2010, after working as a small business owner.

Favorite Movie: Home Alone (Most Recent Viewing: last night)

Favorite TV Show: Prison Break (Wahab knows more about the California State Penitentiary System than should be legal).

Favorite Color: Cream (He just painted his room – you guessed it – cream).

Nickname: al Haji

Favorite Dagbani Word: pahim suhulu (translation = place)

Favorite Ghanaian Food: pate pate (small pieces of boiled yam served traditionally with spicy red sauce and fish)

Favorite Village: Chani

Favorite Singer: Rihanna

Current Ringtone/Favorite Summer Jam: Sarkodie “You Go Kill Me”  (…. Yes, he knows every word and now so can you!).

Wahab is also CWS’ artiste en residence.

He would also love to hear from past fellows and friends! Send CWS a message and we can provide you with his new email address.

– Kathryn

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One Response to Staff Profile: Wahab

  1. What a neat guy! I like the color cream too and love Home Alone the movie! So great to have you on the CWS team. Cindy Anderson

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