Fellowship Leaders Are Here!

Hannah, Hannah and Annie arrived in Tamale on Sunday night and we have been having a great time getting ready for the Summer Fellowship Program!

The 2011 Summer Fellowship Leaders: Annie, Hannah Stonebraker, and Hannah Hill

Its been a busy week complete with driving lessons (all of the vehicles here are standard!), planning sessions and trips to the field.

Peter teaching Hannah S. the basics of driving stick-shift

Annie showing TJ how she's mastered the Jeep

Shak showing Hannah H. how to drive the moto. By the end of the afternoon she was a pro!

Hannah S. trying out the moto with TJ

Despite the few rains we have had in Tamale, the roads to the villages are still alittle dusty....

Although the Fellowship Leaders have mastered driving the truck, jeep and motos, there is one thing that we haven’t quiet figured out yet…

Clearly we need to take some lessons from the Winter Fellows..

Almost all of the Summer Fellows have arrived in Accra. The last few flights are getting in this afternoon and tonight and they all head up to Tamale tomorrow! Stay tuned for more updates!

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