Back in the Field

Today was my first day back in the field since I was here in January. Peter, Shak, TJ and Wahab have been doing an awesome job monitoring all of the CWS villages over the past couple of months, and I was excited to go check things out for myself. This morning, I shadowed Peter and Wahab as they did household visits in Chani.

We started off the day with my favorite Ghanaian breakfast, eggs and bread (and nescafe)!

Our favorite tea-sellers' shop on the Salaga Road

Breakfast of Champions!

Then we hit the road to Chani! I was happy to see that everything at Chani has been going extremely well! That morning, about 10 people came to fetch water, and almost every household that we visited had clean water in their safe storage containers. Peter and Wahab did an awesome job monitoring – i just sat back and took pictures!

Peter and Wahab fixing a leaky tap in Chani

Peter checking out a safe storage container to see how much water is inside

Wahab diligently filled out the CWS monitoring sheet

On her way home from the water treatment center

Besides getting to see everything run smoothly, being in Chani this morning was exciting for another reason as well…there were puppies in almost every house! We didn’t know what was going on with all these little guys, but we loved it!

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2 Responses to Back in the Field

  1. Karla says:

    I miss you Peter!!!

    Hope you are well. I miss Ghana it looks beautiful in these pictures.

  2. Lauren Wilson says:

    It looks like everything is going superbly! Peter and Wahab looking so fresh as usual…

    and PUPPIES! Now how can a day get better than that?

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