Happy World Water Day!

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  1. vijay kedia says:

    Global Crisis – Local solution :

    Drinking water scarcity in villages is main cause of rural poverty.
    Many woman hours are lost daily in traveling long distances to fetch water.
    Children face major risk of ‘Water borne diseases’ in tanker fed villages due to impure water.
    Plants & trees also need water during non-monsoon period .
    Overall village economy depends on Water.
    More than half the villages in India are facing drinking water crisis.
    KFP (patented) RWH can make these villages permanently water secure at a very low cost.
    This year we have already implemented this project in 2 villages near Aurangabad. Results will be visible within 2 monsoons.

    Water requirement of a Village :
    1000 people in a village need 2.5 crore ltr water annually. Water will come in to the well only if there is water underground.
    Each year from 1000 mm rainfall (in India) every 1 hectare land receives 1 crore ltr rain-water free of cost & not even 5 lakh ltr recharges underground to increase ground-water. 80-90 % is wasted as Run-off & Evaporation & one cannot store this much water above ground.

    KFP (Patented) Rainwater harvesting is a low-cost, eco-friendly Super Express Highway for recharging 80% rainwater underground in each ha land, at a fast speed within a day (with negligible run-off & evaporation).One time investment for harvesting rainwater is Rs 4 -5 per cu mtr only ( while for other methods the cost is minimum Rs 40 per cu mtr).

    We can recharge more than 10 crore ltr rainwater underground by implementing KFP(Patented) Rwh in 50 Acre catchment area near a village community well at one time investment of Rs 5 lakh only

    KFP (Patented) Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) Single solution to Unreliable Rain & Water crisis in Individual farm (Depleting groundwater in well/ Drought/ Water logging/ Floods) . for answer to other water related queries & photos See page Kedia rainwater Harvesting Pvt Ld on Face book .

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