Opening Day in Wambong!

Last Monday was a big day for the CWS Fellows; the culmination of all their work. The newly established treatment center (assembled by the Fellows) was opened for business and the villagers all came out with their new CWS storage containers (given to them by the Fellows) to fill them and start drinking clean water. The center was run by Abiba and Monera, the two women the Fellows had trained to run the center. Shak, Peter and the Fellows all made sure things ran smoothly and monitored the opening day sales.

The Fellows prepare the site for the busy day ahead

Sarah shows the dugout and treatment center water tests to several of the men that come to the site.

The Wambong Assemblyman followed Sarah's lead and showed the tests to some of the village elders.

The first blue bucket is spotted off in the distance!

... and the second blue bucket!

The Fellows all play it cool as they excitedly watch the buckets approach.

The line at the center began to form...

and it grew...

and grew...

and grew!

Amaia and child

James did a great job tracking every household that came for clean water.

Shak and the Fellows made a point of drinking the clean water in front of the villagers to show that it was indeed safe.

Ah... clean water 🙂

James diligently recording sales.

The opening became quite the event when these drummers showed up to entertain!

Monera managing the crowd

Abiba selling the clean water

Wambong woman with her newly filled storage container

The CWS Fellows, Shak, Peter, Abiba and Monera after the big opening

The Fellows survived the long day and left with smiles on their faces. Almost the entire village had come to fill their containers and so began their permanent access to clean water!

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  1. Alison Hynd says:

    Loving the updates, Kate!

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