Give a Day Today and earn a 50% Match!!

Give a Day Today, June 16 – and earn a 50% match!

Community Water Solutions is reaching out to our friends and supporters because today, June 16, our partner Global Giving ( offering a 50% match on all donations to CWS made through the Global Giving website.

We’d like to use this special opportunity to invite you to join our new ‘Give a Day’ program.  You can make an immediate positive impact on the health and prosperity of rural village communities in Africa by contributing your compensation from a day of work.

By Giving a Day, you’ll have a chance to participate in the hard work and team spirit that our partners and colleagues at CWS enjoy week in and week out.

Here’s what the CWS team in Ghana can achieve in a day:

  • Amina, who operates the treatment center in Gbong, can produce 400 liters of clean, safe drinking water for her village.
  • Peter, a CWS Project Manager, can educate 50 households on water health & safety
  • Soufoo, our Chief Engineer, can build a new treatment center using cement, sand, and other supplies from the market in Tamale
  • Shak, another CWS Project Manager, can distribute safe storage containers to an entire village

What can you achieve in a day?

By contributing your compensation from a day at your regular work, combined with the 50% match from Global Giving, you’ll be moving us closer to our goal of bringing clean, safe water to eight new villages in 2010. We’d be thrilled to have you join us!

How to contribute

Visit the Community Water Solutions Page on Global Giving [] (not the CWS website!) TODAY, June 16 and donate with a credit card

Thanks so much for you continued support!

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