The Fellowship Program Begins!

The CWS Fellowship Program kicked off without a hitch!  Amaia Noguera, Ben Powell, James Little, Molly Barrett, and Sarah Britz, our first team of CWS Fellows, spent the week learning about the global water crisis, the water treatment process, the CWS Approach for bringing clean water to its communities, as well as getting to know Tamale and the various CWS villages.


The Fellows began their program in the “classroom”.   For the first half of the day, after introductions and some review of the program itinerary, we settled in to review the history of the Global Water Crisis, the various approaches to water treatment, the background of Community Water Solutions, and the CWS approach for village implementations.  For the second half of the day though, we let the fellows loose to explore Tamale through a little scavenger hunt!  What was on the list? Various items that one can find in the open market and surrounding stands and stores, if one has a sharp eye that is.  A price cap of 25 Ghanaian Cedis was given to make sure the Fellows had to negotiate appropriate prices and truly have a Ghanaian experience.  They were dropped off in downtown Tamale with the 25 Cedis and enough money to take a taxi to find their way to the restaurant where we were all meeting for dinner.

The Fellows' booty from the Tamale Scavenger Hunt!

The Fellows returned successful! (Though they did have to settle for Nescafe rather than ground coffee.)

The following items were on the scavenger hunt list:

  1. Anything with Pres. Obama’s picture on it
  2. 4 tomatoes
  3. 6 Chicken eggs (not guinea fowl)
  4. One bag of groundnut paste
  5. One bag of curry powder
  6. Coke Lite
  7. 1 Meter of fabric with orange and blue
  8. 1 pound ground coffee
  9. Any Tom Cruise movie


The next day, the team started off with a hands on lesson in the CWS water treatment process, starting with rolling alum balls and removing the turbidity in the same manner in which they would be teaching their village when we sent them into the field.  We even had them use actual dam water from one of our villages. (Jerigu)

The Fellows learning how to roll Alum balls

Perfectly made Alum balls!

Candid Shot with our Alum Balls. From left to right: Shak, Amaia, Sarah, James, Ben, Mike, and Molly

Sample Dam Water collected from Jerigu

Ben and James practicing using Alum

Particle Removal: Using Alum to removal turbidity.

James, Ben and Sarah. Fascinated by the magic of their Alum balls.

Ben is impressed.

Ta da! Within hours, the particles have settled and the water is clear.

Following the simulation of the treatment process, the Fellows saw their first villages.  They visited 3 treatment center sites, Jerigu, Cheko, and Nyamaliga.

The Fellows go to see their first village dam. (Ben and Amaia shown)

Shak and the Fellows at the Nyamaliga Dam.


Day three began with visits to other water-focused organizations working in the Tamale region.

Visit to Unicef Office in Tamale

Samuel from Unicef discussing the organization's work concerning water health in Ghana with the Fellows

Following Unicef, the group visits New Energy, a local development NGO in Tamale

Osmond from New Energy discusses the many projects the organization has undertaken

Osmond shows New Energy's design for an improved hand-pump well

All of the New Energy campus is powered by these solar panels, another of the organization's specialties

The Fellows took the remainder of the day to explore Tamale a little more and rest up for the long day they had coming.


Saturday, the Fellows embarked on the journey to Gidanturu to visit a treatment center in action.  We began our day, and the long drive ahead of us, with the greatest treat Ghana offers, and the highlight of many of our days at CWS.  A delicious egg sandwich, or as the Ghanaians call it, “eggs and bread”.  Delicious.

Eggs and Bread!

Great start to our day!

The Gidanturu treatment center was busier than ever!  The Fellows watched the clean water flow as they got to know the children, the women, and the monkey of this lively village!

Baramini's son & little helper diligently writing down all the bucket numbers as his mother filled them

Ben tries to take one of his new friends home with him in his bag...he was unsuccessful

Molly and Peter are amused...from a distance

After visiting the treatment center, the Fellows learned how to make household visits and take water samples.

The Fellows enter their first household to learn how to monitor and take water samples

Amaia and Ben return from succesfully visiting and monitoring 10 households

James, Sara and Molly return from successfully visiting 10 households

Later that day, the Fellows learned how to test the water samples they took in the CWS lab!

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One Response to The Fellowship Program Begins!

  1. Colleen says:

    It is great to see everyone so productive and happy. It looks like you are all learning so much. Keep up the great work! Always thinking about you.

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