Opening Day in Gidanturu

Its only Tuesday, but our team has been so busy this week it feels like it should be Friday! We spent Sunday and Monday passing out safe storage containers to every family in Gidanturu, and training Mariam and Bariami (sp?), the two women who were nominated by their community to run the CWS water business. Then today, we opened for business! Over 90% of the village showed up to buy water, and we even saw a few more people headed to the center as we were leaving (unfortunately we had run out of water due to a leaky polytank, so we closed before those people were able to fetch. Have no worries, the polytank is fixed and more water will be ready tomorrow!) A big THANK YOU to Colleen and Jeff Clopeck for sponsoring this water business!

First batch of dirty water ready to be treated during our "water treatment training"

Miriam and Birami treating the water with alum during day 1 of water treatment training

Water treatment training day 2 - particles from the dugout water have settled at the bottom on the drum

Alum - in case you were wondering what it looked like

Water treatment training day 2 - scooping water into the polytank

Peter teaching a lovely Gidanturian (sp?) lady how to use the tap on her safe storage container

Opening day! Selling water at Gidanturu

Happy customers on opening day in Gidanturu

All set to go - safe storage container filled with clean water!

Recording the households that came to buy water

Gidanturu is home to many fun animals! They actually have crocodiles in their dugout and pet monkeys!

Can you spot the crocodile?


On our way home from Gidanturu we passed an overturned Coke truck – the road was COVERED in broken glass. I had to take a pic!

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One Response to Opening Day in Gidanturu

  1. Patty Lynch says:

    Congratulations! Great job!

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