Free Water for the Schools

Being greeted by some students at the Gbong school

Recently, CWS decided to provide free safe storage containers and free water to the schools in our villages.  Safe drinking water is so important, and we wanted to be sure that the children had access to clean water throughout the day. We also hope that by teaching the kids at the school about the importance of safe water and safe storage, that they will pass on the lessons to their parents and siblings at home. Here are some pictures from our water lessons in the Gbong school yesterday:

Shak explaining the safe storage container to students in Gbong

students in Gbong

New signboard at Gbong. Thank you iContact!

I took these next pictures in the lab last weekend and just had to share them with everyone. First, we have a water sample from the Gbong dugout:

Before: water from the Gbong Dugout

And here is a sample of water from someone in Gbong’s  safe storage container:

After - sample from one of the safe storage containers at Gbong

After: Water from a safe storage container in Gbong

Quite a difference huh? Remember, the “after” water originally came from the dugout – 24 hours later + alum and chlorine and it safe to drink. Pretty awesome!

And on a completely un-related note, I just finished the book Born to Run By Christopher McDougall, which combined both of my favorite pastimes in Ghana: reading and running. I was inspired to snap a few pics during one of evening runs:

After reading Born to Run I was tempted to try running barefoot! But then I chickened out and laced up these bad boys:

Tamale may not be as hilly as the Cooper Canyons in Mexico, but I still think the Tarahumara would be impressed by the Terrain:

(I love how the blurry iPhone photo makes it seem like I was running super fast!)

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