Arrived in Accra!


2o hours, one forgotten passport, two flights, and one very long lay-over after arriving at Logan airport, I have arrived safely in Accra!  I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful weather here!  I am used to stepping off the plane and being immediately hit by either a painfully humid heat wave  (in the summer) or cloud of dusty, dry heat (in the winter).  But today was fabulous! About 75 degrees with a nice breeze!  I hope this is typical “fall” weather that stays for the next two months!

I’m staying at the wonderful Chez Lien guest house (with internet and AC!) for the night and heading up to Tamale (very) early tomorrow morning.  Although I do think Chez Lien is great, I’m not the biggest fan of Accra and can’t wait to get up North to see our CWS staff members and friends!

Sunset in Nymaliga, Northern Region Ghana

Sunset in Nyamaliga, Northern Region Ghana

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2 Responses to Arrived in Accra!

  1. Kathryn says:

    So glad you are there safe. May your trip be fun and productive! We love you. Billy and Kitty

  2. tomorjerry says:

    Sunset in Nyamaliga, Northern Region Ghana its very cool photo

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